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There are no rules when it comes to adding heat to your boat. Most Heater Craft heaters will work on any inboard or inboard/outboard power boat regardless of size. What is important is to select the heater that is appropriate for how you use your boat and the venting options that will deliver heat to where it is need the most.

SKI BOAT or WAKEBOARD BOAT – If you enjoy an inboard ski or wakeboard boat you have several great options to choose from. If you live in moderate to cool climate and like to be on the water from sun up to sun down every chance you get, we suggest our popular 300H series with choice of vent options. If you literally have a boat full of people then we would suggest a 300H, 4 vent series and then choose the type of venting solution that makes sense for you. If you live in a moderate to warm climate and you’re a on the water most weekends, a 200H series heater may be perfect to take the chill off. Then add the venting that makes sense for you. We suggest a single Hot Tube™ and single Euro style vent may do the trick.

OPEN BOW, STERN DRIVE BOAT – Other wise known as an Inboard/Outboard with open bow seating. Heater Craft® makes the perfect heating solution for you. Just like for the Ski and Wake board boats if you live in a moderate to cool climate a 300H series heater is the way to go. For warmer climates the 200H series heater is just right to make the occasional late dinner cruise a little more comfortable. For venting options many boaters use a single Euro style vent to deliver heat to the cockpit and place Hot Tube™ in the bow or rear seating areas. If you have kids or you enjoy water sports a Hot Tube™ extendible vent is on the must have list.

CUDDY CABIN OR CRUISERS – For these types of boats you have even more choices. A 300H series heater can be ducted to heat a small cabin area while still delivering plenty of heat to the helm as well as seating areas in the rear of the boat. Another option is to install a 200H or 300H heater unit ducted to the open cockpit or fly bridge while a second 500H grilled heater unit is installed in the cabin or salon.

WORK BOATS – If your workboat utilizes an inboard or inboard/outboard drive then most of Heater Craft’s grilled or ducted hydronic heater systems will do the job. If on occasion you were subject to extreme weather conditions then we would recommend 100H series Heater. The 100H delivers a generous amount of heat and is ignition protected. If your workboat utilizes and outboard engine then a diesel or gas fired Espar® boiler with a ducted or grilled heat deliver system is the perfect solution. Some times all you need is to keep the window from fogging up. In this case we suggest the 1002H electric defroster. The 1002H performs well and draws minimal current.

I hope we have provided some useful suggestions, if you are still not sure or have an application we have not mentioned, please contact ourtechnical support personnel.

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